Friday, December 14, 2012

Seven Essential Truths Embraced By the Brethren

1. Authority & Authenticity of the Word of God
      A. The Doctrine of Revelation
        a. General: God revealed through creation
        b. Special: God revealed through providence, miracles, angels, Jesus on earth, the Bible...
      B. The Doctrine of Inspiration: God speaking His pure word directly to man
      C. The Doctrine of Preservation: God will preserve His whole word in the common language
      D. The Doctrine of Infallibility: God's word is incapable of error
      E. The Doctrine of Inerrancy: God' word is without error
      F. The Canon of Scripture: Fundamental principles and standards that determine man's words vs.            God's word.We believe that God's word in English is the Authorized King James Bible.
2. Deity of Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ is God, and therefore was pre-incarnate (existed as God the Son before he became a man).

3. Virgin Birth
      A. Fully man: born of a woman
      B. Fully God: Conceived of the Holy Spirit

4. Monotheism
    A. There is one Being Who created the heaven and the earth (all things physical and spiritual             beside God Himself) and has complete authority in deciding all moral law.
      B. This one Being is called God. Therefore there is only one God.
      C. God consists of three Beings, each showing God' will to man.
        a. The Father:
        b. The Son, Lord Jesus Christ
        c.The Holy Spirit

5. Resurrection 

6. Salvation

7. Life After Death


  1. Is this helpful without scripture? What can I do to make it a little more clear or doctrinally sound? Please comment

  2. Scripture would be nice, when you have time. Also, perhaps an expansion of numbers 5-7. One further question is this: When you say "Brethren," to whom do you refer?