Friday, September 27, 2013

Over and Under: Getting Settled In

In the airport ready for the 22-hour journey.

My perfect little bedroom. 

I rented a cello to play while I'm here. I am also enjoying playing the Gustafsson's piano.


  1. Naomi remembers playing her violin by Dylan who was playing his cello on that very same spot.

    Karen says to say hi to the Gustafssons for her.

    Naomi says hi to Trevor and the Gustafssons.

    Annabelle says, "Have fun playing cello."

    Mom says good job blogging and come home soon and fix the washer. :-) Just kidding. Dylan and Reese will figure out the clunking noise. We fixed the blue barn today and moved half the chickens. We are glad you got to go over there and we are praying for you to make a difference in lives there. We love you.

  2. Be safe. I hope you are blessed and bring blessings to others!