Friday, October 4, 2013

Over and Under: Trip to Pukekohe, Part 2: Spacky's

When I finally got on the train, the ride was quite uneventful. I had to change trains once and after a two and a half hour ride, I finally saw this:

I was quite glad, because I really had to use the toilet.
It was a half hour walk with my heavy briefcase, but my map-like memory brought me straight to brother Neil Spackman's House. He was quite surprised to see me, but I just wanted to use his toilet!

After catching up, he offered me a seat. I took of my hat, sat down, and instantly turned into a fat, ugly mut.

Mr. Spacky (that's what they call him) looking up a phone number in his ancient stack of number logs.

I decided to take him up on his offer to stay the night. This motto hung on the wall above my bed as slept a colossal pair of pajamas.  

The next morning I read my Bible and weeded the front gardens. After having three wheatbix with milk and toast, I went out and mowed while Mr. Spackman tidied some other things around the garden. I thought about Ezra Snyder the whole time mowed. Around Eleven o'clock, the garden looked quite tidy, so my host took me to King Street to continue my adventures.

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  1. I kept chuckling about the mutt until Naomi asked me what was so funny. :-)

    Love, Mom